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About Us

Parrheim Foods is an industry leader in the fractionation of starch, fibre and protein concentrates from bean, barley and pea.

Established in 1989, we have built our reputation by providing customers with functional and nutritious products from our processing plant located in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Our unique milling process ensures our starch, fibre and protein concentrates remain not only economical and functional but nutritious as well.


Our pea and bean products are all non-GMO, low allergenic, natural and very functional. Our pea starch, pea fibre and pea protein concentrates are available in Organic as well.

Our products have proven their worth in markets ranging from the most rugged industrial applications to wholesome food recipes. We will do what it takes to provide you with a product for your application. Please feel free to contact us about our wide array of products and the stringent quality measures we take to ensure our products will meet your needs. Contact us anytime!